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Every woman, irrespective of age, and time of travel, have felt that unnamed fear that grips their heart at the sight of a man in a desolate surrounding. Every family would have suffocated a few hours or minutes in fear when their mothers, sisters, and daughters aren't home. The poem ' A NIGHT'S TALE' is about a woman, who is commuting back from work but finds herself alone with a man and a mother, who's anxiously awaiting her return home.

Tiny birds were flying back home

While an owl hooted, Announcing the onset of night.

And somewhere in a home, A wall told stories, As she stared unwilling Unable to do much, in her crippling fear. For somewhere her child walked, Back from office, to a bus stand; Her dupatta, spread over, like A Drape of protection, Her footsteps, a little lighter Among the sounds of the city. Behind her, she heard anther footfall; And hers, picked up a little. With her dupatta scrunched between fingers, And eyes closed, she took a deep breath, At the bus stop, she glanced at the man behind her. She fumbled in her bag and dialed her mother. The mother still waiting picks it up, Neither say nothing, drawing comfort from each other; The mother, hoping her baby would be home soon; The daughter, that her mother was there with her. A bus came, and she hung up. Getting a window seat, she looked around, The man from the bus stand sat, A few seats away from her, The few seats, that didn’t seem far enough. And she looked around again. The mother kept down her phone

And went down a reverie; Where, a younger self told stories of strong women Of empowerment and dreams. How she watched in love,

While her baby's eyes filled in wonder. In present, she smiled a bitter line, Having learnt irony with time perhaps. She heard a tiny cling at the gate And knew her daughter was home. She opened the door, And there, her baby stood; A little flustered, but okay. They embraced; For tonight, she was safe. Tonight she was home. The mother closed the door, And she closed one, to the world. Every day, was another test, Not knowing, who the monster was that they read about. but for tonight, she was safe. And a step, closer to her dreams.

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Ms. Anakha Jayanthi, the Editor, and contributor at Studio Coffee House is an architecture undergraduate student at Marian College of Architecture and Planning, Trivandrum, and a fellow army who enjoys diving into the K-Pop World. She spends her time either binge-watching Netflix shows or reading or experimenting with art and literature.

Instagram: @gypsyraccoon06

Anakha Jayanthi performing at the Olam Festival 2020.

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