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"Being a smart consumer is the new style!!" Experiences of a 22yo Lifestyle Influencer.

Updated: Apr 18

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Ms. Hannah Daniels Stephenson, a freelance Lifestyle Blogger at Studio Coffee House, is an Instagram Influencer and brand promoter of skincare and lifestyle products. This article is on her life story of becoming a skincare enthusiast and influencer.


Hi, peps! Hannah here!!.. A 22+ “micro-influencer” on Instagram, nevertheless a passionate architecture undergraduate doing her thesis, hoping to graduate this year, gracefully (fingers crossed).On Instagram, I share my knowledge regarding skin health, skincare and lifestyle.


Lemme begin by telling you my background; I was this girl who has never tried any single skincare or beauty product say kajal, nail paint, bindhi, no nothing, not even flowers on my hair, till 12th grade because my mom never allowed me to...!! JUST IMAGINE!! But then as my freshmen college year started, there began a divergent journey (waaay different from architecture).

Obviously, I had a smartphone and an internet connection which kept me entertained during my free time. YES! YOUTUBE, the place where I realized my love for skincare and learning about what ingredients I am slathering on my face. Shyma Habeeb, the creator behind “the desert rose journals'' youtube channel was the one who opened my eyes towards more cruelty-free, vegan, chemical-less beauty products (back then not everyone was aware of it). Till that time FAIR AND LOVELY, some Ponds, some Olay was all we knew. SHAMEFUL!! I KNOW!! I started my first “skincare routine” with the Himalaya and some Biotique products, and there was literally not a single person I knew following a skincare routine at that time, not my friends, not my cousins, like, no one. Slowly, people began asking me about what I use on my face, they asked me to recommend products for them. After 3 years, from that stage, now, I create content that might help my audience.

On 2 December 2019, uploaded my first ever skincare post on PURE BUBBLES SKINCARE serum, which gained attention and the brand reposted it on their official account. I realized I’m pretty good at styling & photography, which gave me the fire to keep moving. Suddenly started receiving collaboration emails from brands, but honestly! the conditions they make are against my ethics, hence rejected most of them. Moving forward I started reaching out to brands that I trust to collaborate with me. And it worked! My first ever brand collaboration was with DERMITECTURE, I’m so thankful that they were kind enough to work with me.


Trial & error is what I prefer. My medium of expression differs. Sometimes I go for minimal, sometimes overboard with the graphical design, sometimes journalling, experimenting a lot gives me to grip. I’m all about educating my folks to choose the right products, according to their skin concerns, from authentic brands that provide value to their customers. Being a smart consumer is the new style!! Don’t you think?....

About the Author

Hannah Daniel Stephenson, a Bachelor of Architecture student at Marian College of Architecture Trivandrum (2015-2020 Batch), is a micro-influencer on Instagram. She is been sharing knowledge of skincare and lifestyle on her page. She is been doing a number of collaborations and promoting Herbal and Biotique skincare products and brands. She is also interested in Cardmaking, Dancing, Organizing, and Styling Instagram: @the_daniels_97

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