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"MAKE FRIENDS WITH YOUR SKIN" Beginners guide to a regular skincare routine?

The market is flooded with numerous skincare and beauty products constantly.  Every week or so, there is another product launching. This can be intimidating and confusing for a person, especially a beginner, to find appropriate products according to his/her skin-type and concerns. In this post, let’s understand how to take good care of our skin as a beginner.

Accepting the fact that our skin goes through a lot; sun exposure, pollution, makeup, etc.; doctors, dermatologists, and skincare gurus stress on the word ‘CTM’, which means CLEANSE, TONE and MOISTURIZE. But I personally think CTM is a waste without an ‘H’.  I would rather stress on CTH, i.e., CLEANSE, TONE, and HYDRATE (followed by SUNSCREEN, if in the morning). So what means to hydrate? I’ll explain it to you, in no time.


Cleansing is the primary and fundamental part of our skincare routine. A cleanser is meant to remove all the dirt, oil, and bacteria that comes in contact with our skin during the day. If we apply any skincare product without cleansing our face, it can cause severe breakouts and pore-clogging. We get maximum benefits from the products we apply after cleaning.


A two-step technique which ensures that all the makeup, sunscreen and dirt are dissolved and taken away from the skin and its pores. This ensures complete removal of all the residue of makeup and dirt from your face that a normal face wash cannot do. When you double cleanse, it avoids over-drying and helps to retain the skin’s natural oil.


  • Ideal pH level for cleansers: 4.5 - 5.5.

  • Cleanser must give a clean and fresh feeling without making the skin extremely dry or oily.

  • People who wear makeup or sunscreen must double cleanse.

  • It’s always better to use a cleanser which is soap-free (SLS free).

  • A face wash that produces less foam is ideal.

  • In the morning it’s not necessary to use face wash if your skin feels good. Just a water rinse is enough.

  • Do not wash your face often with face wash. 2 to 3 times a day is ideal.


The second but not so “must” step in skincare. Toners were first used to balance pH since the cleansers were more alkaline. But nowadays, most cleansers come with pretty much-balanced pH, hence there is not much need for toners. Toners that are available now are more hydrating and targets skin concerns. Skin refreshing rosewater in toners with active ingredients for pore tightening and skin brightening is available in plenty.


WATER!!! This essential part of our whole body is also our best friend when it comes to skincare, making it look healthy, smooth, glowing, radiant, and youthful. YESS!! That’s a mouth full. Now, doesn't it make sense that new products are popping up promising both hydration and moisturization? So what is MOISTURIZATION?... Gimme a few minutes and you'll understand.

Putting it simply out there:



HYDRATOR binds water to the skin and MOISTURIZER locks in the hydration and protects the skin’s natural lipid barrier. It works mostly on the outer surface of the skin.

Hydrators are water-based serums, essence, ampules, etc. Moisturizers are oil-based creams, lotions, oil serums, or oil itself. Now, which is an ideal choice?

HYDRATORS OR MOISTURIZERS? In my opinion, you should go for both. Hydrator applied first so that the skin sucks it all in and then moisturizer so that the hydrator you applied before gets completely locked onto your skin.

So there you go!!!!!! A beginner-friendly skincare routine. By the way, do not forget to apply sunscreen if it’s in the morning. See you with in-depth skincare stuff in the coming weeks!! Till then, stay safe buds...Much love from me to you...(hearts ;p)

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Hannah Daniel Stephenson, a Bachelor of Architecture student at Marian College of Architecture Trivandrum (2015-2020 Batch), is a micro-influencer on Instagram. She is been sharing knowledge of skincare and lifestyle on her page. She is been doing a number of collaborations and promoting Herbal and Biotique skincare products and brands. She is also interested in Cardmaking, Dancing, Organizing, and Styling.

Instagram: @the_daniels_97

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