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"MAKE FRIENDS WITH YOUR SKIN" How can you find your Skin Type?

Welcome or welcome back. I hope you've got some ideas about different skin types through my previous blog post. But most of us might not know how to find our skin type. Don’t worry! We’ll get it sorted right here! right now!!!…

There are several ways to find out skin types, but for now, I’m sticking on to the celebrity dermatologist Dr. Rashmi Shetty’s tips. So let's get started!!!

The previous night wash your face nicely and gently. Leave it like that; bare; the whole night while you are sleeping. Do not apply any sort of night skincare products and also avoid artificial air conditioning. Wake up and shine…! Nope!!! Wake up and the first thing you do is touch your skin and analyze. Feel your skin; your central zone, your forehead, nose, and around your nose, chin which is called the T-zone and outer portion of the face called C-zone and see if its oily, damp, dry or sensitive.

1. If the T-zone feels very oily, it can be oily skin.

2. If the T-zone feels a little bit oily but outer zone that is C zone feels dry, it can be probably normal skin or combination skin.

3. If you have dry all over, then as you guessed you have dry skin.

The second way is more visual. So when you look at your mirror if your T-zone looks oily with wide-open pores, does not look fresh, looks darker than before and tired, then you might be having oily skin or probably a skin which can get acne easily.

If your skin feels tightly stretched, fresh, well-rested, nice and smooth, then you know its a normal skin type or just about dry skin. If you feel sensitive, a little red, a little irritated even a little flaky at a few areas then that's the dry skin or extremely dry skin, and sensitive if it is redder.

So as you've found out your skin type, it's easy for you to find your perfect self-care partner that is your skincare products. YES!!! BUT NOW, WHICH PRODUCT? NO WORRIES!!! I’ve got you sorted, we’ll discuss it in our next post. YAAAY!!!

Thank you for reading! To be Continued...

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Hannah Daniel Stephenson, a Bachelor of Architecture student at Marian College of Architecture Trivandrum (2015-2020 Batch), is a micro-influencer on Instagram. She is been sharing knowledge of skincare and lifestyle on her page. She is been doing a number of collaborations and promoting Herbal and Biotique skincare products and brands. She is also interested in Cardmaking, Dancing, Organizing, and Styling.

Instagram: @the_daniels_97

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